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Nap-Sack is more than just another social website. Nap-Sack gives everybody a powerful voice. You can debate with others, create a petition, start a group and begin your own grassroots movement or just communicate with a politician; from your local congressman to the President of the United States of America. Nap-Sack is here and ready to stand with you.

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Create a topic and debate with friends, family or another member.


Create a group/organization and begin your very own grassroots movement.


Catch up with current affairs


Create a petition and feel confident that all signatures are legitimate.

About Us!

Nap-Sack is a social website designed to allow its members to vent about anything, no matter where they live. From New York to South Africa, have the strength to say what is on your mind.
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Terms of Service

As we continue to improve on our website, it is important that you review our terms of service. You can also click the terms of service link at the bottom of the page.
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We care about your privacy and we are always finding ways to protect you from outside influence and third party sites.
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