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Navigating Interdimensionally Now

  • “Your challenge at this time is to gain your freedom, and this does not mean fighting the government, the military, their mind control, or any of the other forces that appear to trap you in 3-D. Although it may appear as if you are being squeezed and your individuality annihilated, there is always a bigger picture. In dealing with day-to-day living, you may find yourself questioning your sanity, your purpose, and what to do from moment to moment, overwhelmed by the whole spectrum of life. We will say to you that the picture is bigger than you can imagine.

    As you experience the massive opening of energy, which is indeed an infusion of light, an equal experience of looking at the dark cannot be avoided. In the world of duality where you dwell, shadow defines light.. It may be that the more light you create the more you will see the shadow that defines it. Perhaps some of you have been a bit naive, too willing to play the game, listening to those in authority and doing what you are told rather than thinking for yourselves. People are not encouraged to think.

    Mass programming is in effect all over the world. You are taught what to think, and you pay a good amount of money for this experience. This type of misuse of energy can only go so far before people become disconnected little boxes, compartmentalized fragments without a connection to the whole. When anything becomes fragmented in this way, it eventually collapses on itself. The part cannot stay separate from the whole for very long; only for a little while can a small part remain isolated.

    Because you have been fed a series of falsehoods for thousands and thousands of years, each person on Earth has become compartmentalized in what he or she believes, disconnected from real [higher] thinking and from the [real] self and other people.

    Many of you think managing 3-D requires going faster, having more technology, knowing more people, and rushing here and there. As things go faster, slow down and put yourself at ease. Take time to listen to the birds, the sounds of Nature, the crackling of a fire—the natural sounds. Get outdoors. Be by yourself. Take time for yourself and learn to expand your awareness and to hear a voice inside. Then be certain to question that voice and all that the voice brings [is it your true inner voice connected to Spirit or your ego chatter?]. When you begin to open the fan of yourself, with respect to these voices in your head, an opening to the abstract occurs.

    Humankind has long been deflected from thinking in abstract, nonlinear terms. Living nowadays is quite solidified and linear. Yet you rob yourself of a great venue of experience, a necessary frontier for masses of you to become artists within. Many people must create a new high art of thinking [tapping into higher knowledge/Gnosis] in order to translate the changes that are coming.

    Your great solution, no matter what is occurring, is to love yourself and vibrate that frequency outside yourself. Doing so will allow many doors to open, and likewise many unwanted probabilities will simply pass you by, like a bird on the wing.

    A dark shroud has been cast over your consciousness, a darkness so vast that now so many of you are truly frightened to live. Your bodies are filled today with cancer, stress, and pollution because you have been primed for fear over the years and have drawn to yourself negative energies from the other realms, and these, spirits of lower energies feed off your fear. Reality mirrors itself.

    The marketing of fear has been massive: Through meaningless data and meaningless living, you have drawn to yourself those who suck your power, vampires and parasites completely invisible to your perceptual acuities. They are, nonetheless, sucking your vitality because you do not want to claim it. We will say to you, dear humans, love yourselves, place value on who you are. As you move forward and understand the unfolding absurdity of your times and why your civilization is collapsing, love yourselves.“

    – Barbara Marciniak, Family of Light

Victoria Generao