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Full Disclosure - UFOs

  • In Light of whistle blowers coming forward over the past decades such as Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Corey Goode, Chelsea Manning, Philip Schneider, Bob Lazar, Mike Ruppert and others; it has become apparent to anyONE listening that hUmaNITY is living a lie within a lie within a lie. The complexities of which not ONE single group is aware of completely, a compartmentalized self perpetuating enigma growing more complicated and reckless with each day. With the understanding that fossil fuels are not needed, religious institutions are spiritually bankrupt, and our governments are morally corrupt networks of self serving occult bloodlines and criminal syndicates hell bent on power and control, how can hUmaNITY reclaim it's free will?

    As you begin to educate yourself and "wake up", a sense of horror and disgust may wash over you followed by the need to reject the truth. We implore you to stay fast and take each moment forward with the kindness and compassion of a curious child, for a beautiful possibility exists just beyond the horizon. We cannot change what has happened, the atrocities committed cannot not be forgiven nor undone, humanity must move forward with the understanding of how we participated in these experiences, we must vow to remember that both our history and our future are co-creations.

    It is our time now, our time to ask for and accept the truth buried within each of us. WE must exclaim to ourselves that "I am ready to know the truth", and embrace each other as WE take ONE step closer each day toward full disclosure.


    WE Already Know UFOs Are Real ★

    It is no longer necessary to convince people that UFOs are real; that scale has clearly been tipped in the favor of the believers. Of course, there is a sizable portion of the population that does not believe, but today these people are clearly in the minority. WE should no longer have a burning desire to convince these holdouts. There is not enough return for your investment of time and effort to bring this last group of folks on-board. Besides there are other more important issues at hand.


    Defining UFO/Alien Disclosure ★

    UFO disclosure is not confirming that UFOs are real, it is formal acknowledgment of extraterrestrial presence throughout the universe by prominent global nations, space agencies and religious institutions. AnyONE careful enough to connect the dots can clearly see that WE have been on a path leading to disclosure for sometime. See countries that have partially of fully disclosed. Of course, some countries have made fantastic disclosure statements but the media does its best to keep this information under wraps; Russian UFO disclosure is a case in point.


    A Bridge Too Far ★

    Many of us play the game of talking about "UFOs" while ignoring the real questions which are, are extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth or are people seeing super advanced secret technology employed by the government? Talking about aliens is just a bridge too far for many people to cross. UFO has always been code for aliens, let's bring that issue out of the closet. After all a UFO is just a mode of transportation, no more important than a car, bus or train.

    Sure WE would all like to know about UFO technology but that is chump change compared to knowing why they are here, where they came from and whether or not they are friendly to the inhabitants of Earth.

    Most people from this planet are afraid of the unknown, but it is time to push the frontiers of knowledge out further. Consider this, if radical, beyond cutting-edge technology is being used by the government, then the question really needs to be addressed, where did they get such technology? The answer would appear to be ... not from Earth. It could have been back engineered and as far-fetched as it may sound the government could have full knowledge of extraterrestrial beings and somehow ended up with advance ET technology. Whatever the case the public has a right to know.


    The Cover-Up ★

    A whopping 68% of the American public believes the government is covering up information about Unidentified Flying Objects. That is no small number, imagine being in a group of ten people at the grocery store, in class, or at your kid's soccer match, seven of 10 people standing or sitting next to you believe there is a UFO cover-up by the government. These are daunting numbers, not lost on both the younger and older generation of secret keepers.

    It has never been about preventing panic by citizens of Earth; this is a great story, but that is all it is "a story." It has nothing to do with shaking the foundations of people's religion, that is simply a smokescreen. It is about maintaining a military advantage and keeping the current geopolitical boundaries in place. People don't like change, even the secret keepers and especially the secret keepers who gain power through technology and information.

    The public has a right to know what the government knows about extraterrestrials, and they should release their research into the subject, and release more top-secret documents to the general public. Top government officials (particularly the old guard), including science advisers, stand hard against public disclosure, and want us to believe that the UFO phenomena a frivolous matter. This attitude and behavior are no longer acceptable.

    Calculating the cost of decades of institutional denial surrounding the enduring mystery of UFOs may be impossible, so let's not even to try. It is more important to know that WE are members of a greater commUNITY that inhabit the universe. That knowledge alone will change our thinking, our attitudes and put us on a road to a better way of life. Looking back will serve no useful purpose so our focus should be on the future.


    Disclosure Comes in all Sizes ★

    WE need to be thinking about UFO/Alien disclosure within the context of the actual information that will be shared by the public. There is limited disclosure, partial disclosure and full disclosure. Obviously, people want full disclosure, but is that really necessary? A statement backed up by evidence and fact that intelligent life resides in the universe is enough to change mankind forever.


    Countries ★

    This lists contains countries and organizations that have partially or disclosed UFO/Alien information, those that are in litigation to disclose all or specific files and countries that have released significant aspects of UFO and alien encounters.

    The List of Countries:…



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    Inner Light & a Full Disclosure to EveryONE ★

Victoria Generao