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The Real Dilemma is Emerging

  • So I just feel like a blog needs to be started here, in response to the recent "developments" in our upcoming "change of Command!" So, my only request is that as people blog their responses, we all vow to remain civil and respectful, remembering that each of us is entitled to our feelings, opinions and beliefs. Let us not resort to name-calling or other childish, rude, or hateful speech. This is not what the first amendment was intended for. 

    Speaking of the First Amendment, we, as a nation, need to begin planning a service to celebrate the end of its life! For those of you who may not be aware, our President-Elect has announced officially that he intends to retain privabe security agents in addition to his assigned Secret Service. Never in the history of this country has a president ever done this. One reason for this is because for one thing, there is a great conflict that can arise from this. Private security guards would not be allowed to protect the president physically, or guard his person in the event of an emergency, as this is against government policy which strictly states that this job may only be handled by Secret Service.The larger and more disturbing "conflict" is the legal aspect. For eample, the Secret Service is not allowed, by law, to interfere when people publically protest or speak their minds, as long as they do not pose an imminent threat to the President. PRIVATE security companies, on the other hand, CAN! They can physically remove people, use force to stifle their freedom of speech, threaten, etc. This is COMPLETELY disturbing, considering how many times he has already ordered his security to "get them out of here" when people speak things in opposition to his comments.

    Another very disparaging new event is the choice of Cabinet that this man is putting into place. A cablinet with a net worth larger than 2/3 of the entire US combined! The conflicts from this are uncountable. It is also so very disturbing that this is in complete conflict to Trump's campaign promises where he vowed to "get the people in power" out of government and give power back to the people! Goldman Sachs, a company that he openly bashed numerous times (because they would not take him on or do any business with him because of his history with finances...) is now sitting in a stronger controlling seat in government than EVER before. Cabinet members are supposed to take these positions in order to serve the public and their best interest. How are people with LARGE complex portfolios in privatized financial powers going to protect issues that affect the public at large if doing so would cause them personal financial damage with these very banks? how we could have allowed someone who doesn't take daily briefings, doesn't know the FIRST thing about Constitutional Law, is already under threat of impeachment for his foreign business practices, and has done so much to already establish an authoritarian takeover, find his way into this position????

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Bernadette Harris
Just a girl reinventing herself every day, striving to show more kindness & empathy where needed than I did the day before, while figuring out what all this is about... Independent (in every sense) residing in north Florida; educator Interests: social issues, education, self-improvement, family, running, reading


  • Charles Tollen
    Charles Tollen Most Trump supporters say they supported Bernie Sanders and destroy Hillary and her excellent character.
    December 27, 2016
  • Charles Tollen
    Charles Tollen I thought Bernadette hit it on the head. She was so correct. The majority of Americans are living in fear right now. Afraid of being attacked because of the color of their skin or their religion. Trump is a racist who promotes racist values. He is p...  more
    December 27, 2016 - 1 likes this
  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez you guy are taking this Trump thing to far. Trump is going to be a good president and you cant even imagine the things he will do.
    December 27, 2016
  • Charles Tollen
    Charles Tollen Carlos, I think you should read what she wrote. It makes total sense.
    Jan 4