Andrew Puzder as the new Secretary of Labor??

  • Andrew Puzder’s fast food chains – Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s – have had numerous violations of wage protection laws. His company is facing several class action lawsuits by employees over wages and work breaks, and there have been other allegations of health and safety concerns. If Andrew Puzder is confirmed as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor, he would be responsible for overseeing the enforcement of many labor laws his company has reportedly violated.

    Last Thursday, 22 of my Democratic colleagues and I urged Labor Committee Chairman Lamar Alexander to allow workers from Mr. Puzder’s businesses to testify at his confirmation hearing. Republicans refused our request. I believe it’s essential for Senators to hear from these workers to evaluate Mr. Puzder’s qualifications and suitability – so this afternoon, my Democratic colleagues and I will host a forum to hear from employees at Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s. I hope you’ll tune in.

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