The Catastrophic Prognosis

  • Very alarming warnings/ words from a journalist who covers PUTIN, about TRUMP!

    Above is the link to a very distrubing take from a journalist (American) who covers Putin, and has for years, and recently attended the press conference given by Trump. The sociopathic tendancies, I feel, far outweigh the authoritarian personality. It is so disturbing how much of what is said in this article has already proven itself true, and the man is not even through his inauguration as yet. He is already in voilation of many laws and policies, with his appointing of family members, business dealings overseas, lying and covring up the Russian connections and their interference with the election...just to name a few! The cabinet appointments, the fact he is asking the head of the National Guard to step down on the day of the inauguration, a very high seccurity event, and pretty much every self-serving move he makes just confirm his intent and the danger he poses to us as a nation. I do not believe for a minute that he will take any advice from the White House advisory staff. Nor do I believe he will follow protocol on ANYTHING if it means he has to put a personal agenda aside...and by that, I mean even the pushing of the Nuclear button!! His recent attack on John Lewis, as he has attacked many people in presitigous positions who did not fit the racial, political and economic profile that suits him, is yet another disgusting example of what he is made of. How in the Hell did we allow this to happen, and what do we do now?

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