Secretary of Education...the latest Disaster of the Trump Admin

  • I don't know where to begin with the disgust I am feeling over the latest disaster of the newfound "Trump Administration." The appointed Secretary of Education, DeVos. For starters, let's tap into the fact that she is the complete OPPOSITE of what our Liar in Chief said he would allow in government...someone who donated six figures to politicians in order to gain their support (Rubio, in fact, she donated $800K to). Amidst the Trump lies during his campaign were the one where he reminded America he would put a STOP to the appointment of such individuals. See 

    "Mr. Trump said he’d reduce the power of big donors and lobbyists in Washington, but his choice of Ms. DeVos makes it clear he has no intention of keeping that promise." [The entire artcile can be found at the following link...]


    Once we get past this, we can of course excuse it away by saying the DT was probably too busy Tweeting his daily personal agenda to notice that she was the epitome of what he claimed to not support, but then again, appointing a Cabinet of Goldman-Sachs controlling porfoliio holders is already enough of a contradiction in and of itself.

    If it is not, then here are some additional frightening facts about this latest nightmare. DeVos poses to take even more funding away from the public school arena, as she has vehemently always supported voucher writing and privatization of eduaction...the exact opposite of a solution to the inability for America to seem to measure up to other countries in the area of public education and producing strongly educated adults who can compete in the global market on an equal level. 

    She, like our Disaster-In-Chief (temporarily) is an ethics conundrum, backing a biotech company that she is one of the primary backers and investors for, which medically treats children with ADHD, now posing a conflict as this now appears to be a govermental promotion of an ADHD drug company, and a personal profit for her. She also has NO knowledge of key educational policies and legal stipulations, such as I.D.E.A. law and what it entails!!!! 

    And her comment that guns should be in school to protect students against grizzly bears...well....yeah. Our country has NEVER been in worse trouble, folks!

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