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  • Goal: 1,000,000 signatures
  • Deadline: December 31, 2017 11:50 PM EST
  • Category: Economic Justice
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    To fix a broken system that was designed to help single mothers and fathers who need financial relief, but instead leaves non custodial parents (ncp) in a much tougher situation where they find themselves in economic troubles or incarceration.

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  • Created By: Nap-Sack ....
  • Posted: January 12, 2015
  • Updated: May 4
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At no time should this petition be noted as a way to end child support.  The purpose is valid, the system is flawed.

The purpose of this petition is to make the child support process easier and by following this approach, we feel it will create better relations between the parents and the child/ren. Our goal is to hopefully end massive incarceration and loss of jobs because of failure to pay child support. Instead of attacking the system, we need to change it.

We feel courts should not decide what or how parents should handle their children. Our goal is to change the process which should change the system.  We are looking for a close style like Europe and we hope this will make things better for both parents. This is our belief:

First thing should be that each state work off of one system like DMV.  Makes no sense that each state has no clue what is going on and this should be a priority.  This would create automatic modification.  You would not have to go through the courts system to seek modification.  With a unified system, if a non custodial parent is paying for more than one child, Child Enforcement would be able to review and modify.  It is simple and keeps the non custodial parent from going into arrears.

Our Road Map to Finally Changing the System! 

  1. Allow both parent to resolve their issues and come up with a solution that will benefit the child/ren (financial or joint custody).
  2. If they cannot come up with a solution, they will seek assistance through the Child Enforcement Agency.
  3. Child Enforcement Agency will allow a mediator to join in on the negotiations.
  4. If a solution cannot be met, Child Enforcement will then have the power to make the final decision.  They will use a formula that will be fair to both parents and the child/ren.  The non custodial parent will have their payment automatically deducted from their wages.
  5. If the non custodial parent does not have a job, he or she will receive assistance through a state program that can either find work or train them in certain job skills that can help them find employment.
  6. If the non custodial parent has to go through a program, the state will continue to pay the custodial parent until the non custodial parent finds employment.
  7. If the state has to pay the custodial parent, the non custodial parent will make payments back to the state through a payment plan that does not leave the non custodial parent in a state where he or she cannot live comfortably and pay their bills.
  8. If the non custodial parent refuse to join in on negotiations or any programs that would help him or her achieve employment, The Child Enforcement Agency would then go through the courts system.  The court system would then take over and make any decisions to seek out payment for the child/ren.
  9. Jail time, suspension of drivers license or passport should not be entertained unless the non custodial parent refuse to pay or join in on any state programs that would help the non custodial parent seek employment.  This will also eliminate under the table jobs.
  10. With a unified computer system, there would be automatic modification for non custodial parents preventing arrears to occur.
  11. Once the system has been changed, all arrears and current payments should be "null in void" until a new process is created making it better and fair for both parent.
  12. Non custodial parent should not be forced into paying support for their child when they go to college.  College is not mandatory and so should not be a requirement.

We want to change the system, but we feel in order to change the system, we must change the process.  We feel this is the best way to reach a consensus and make it fair to all.  Our goal is to reach 1 million signatures and once we achieve this goal, we will begin a class action lawsuit. The class action lawsuit is not to retrieve money, but to begin the process of changing the child support laws and bringing attention to the corrupt system by going through the courts and following the appeals process if necessary. Each signature will be a part of the class action law suit.  We do have a lawfirm who will represent us once we receive the required amount of signatures (the name of the lawfirm will be disclosed once we receive the required amount of signatures and we begin the process). We will also hand deliver this petition to every US Senator for review and sponsorship. We are not saying we will be successful and we will probably run into many obstacles along our path, but we are adamant and will continue to fight until this system works for all and we see no incarceration because of child support. It is also a proven fact that Blacks and Hispanics suffer the most with the current system.  Please sign our petition and let us fix this broken system.

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